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Specializing in neck and hip/lower back issues

Services offered:

Deep tissue/Myofascial Release
Structural Integration 
Craniosacral Therapy
Medical massage
Triggerpoint therapy
Prenatal massage

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  • Massages

    Please select the service that applies to you.
    • 60-minute Swedish or deep tissue session $70
      A good choice for relaxation or maintenance massage, if there are no major issues going on.
    • 90-minute Swedish or deep tissue session $95
      A good option if you have issues that need specific attention.
    • 60-minute Craniosacral session $70
      This option is good for issues like headaches, TMJ syndrome, head injuries, depression, anxiety, etc. It consists of the *John Upledger 10-step protocol: light touch therapy to release tension in the pelvis, diaphragm and neck, as well as the bones in the cranium. Balances the flow of cerebrospinal fluid from the brain to the sacrum and releases adhesions in the dural tube surrounding the spinal cord. *(John Upledger is the originator of craniosacral therapy)
    • 90-minute Craniosacral session $95
      90 minutes allows for the 10-step protocol, as well as work outside of the craniosacral system, for myofascial release in shoulders, hips, etc.
    • 60-minute Prenatal session $70
  • Packages and subscriptions

    Select from massages in this category if you have purchased a massage package or have a monthly subscription
    • 60-minute monthly membership $60
      This option is great to ensure you get monthly maintenance. No contract; you can cancel anytime. Your credit card is automatically charged for your monthly massage and the same discount applies to any additional massages. Missed sessions roll over, don't expire and are transferrable to friends and family. They can also be split up and added to future sessions to make two 90 minute sessions. 
    • 90-minute monthly membership $85
      Same as the 60-minute membership, but a slightly better deal.
    • 4-pack session $66.50
      Since it takes at least 4 sessions to release the 4 main myofascial lines in the body (superficial and deep front lines, side lines and superficial back lines) this is an economical way to purchase your massage sessions. . 
    • 6-pack session $63
      Some clients need more than 4 sessions to release the 4 main myofascial lines because long term issues have made their tissues more resistant to therapy. This package is more economical per session than the 4-pack.
    • 12-pack session $60
      Package contsists of 12 hours of massage at $60 per hour, for ultimate control over massage scheduling. Great for those who travel frequently or have other considerations; break up the massages into 90- or 60-minute depending on need. 



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